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So, you've read the F.A.Q., the rules, have a good understanding of the Village of Sheol roleplay, and are now ready to apply? Great! Just copy the application in the text box below, join the sheol_apps community, and post your application there. Please join the application community using the character journal you intend to use for the role-play when you go to post your application.

As you can see, there are two applications below this paragraph. Please make sure you copy and paste the right application for the character you want to play here. Good luck!

If you'd like to just reserve a character, then leave a comment here saying the character you'd like to reserve, the fandom they come from, and your LJ username. Reservations last for two weeks. All characters that are reserved are listed below the applications on this page.

Remember applications are to be posted in sheol_apps as an actual post to the community, not as a comment here. Any applications posted here will be deleted.

All of the dates for reserves follow the EST time zone. So, for example, a reserve that was to end on the 12th would end at midnight EST.

Applications will not be accepted during the week of a full moon event. To see when those events are going on, please check here. Applications that are sent in during those events will be ignored and deleted.

Edit 1/5/09: There is an implemented three strike rule. If the moderator reviews and requests the application to be resubmitted three times, we will not accept the application nor any other applications for the same character from the person who applies. In addition, if you strike out with three apps, we will not consider you for acceptance into the community.

Edit 1/15/09: An edit has been made to the application. All first person samples must be in the Sheol-verse for canon characters. This does not apply to third person. As for original characters, all samples must be in the Sheol-verse.

Also, a change in the reserving rule. If your reserve runs out and you still wish to apply, you can ask for a three day extension. If the application is not submitted by the third day, you must wait a week before you are able to reapply.

Edit 3/22/09: When writing the first person sample, please do not include anything that would be considered an action. Thoughts in italics are fine. Just anything that would be considered normal in an action post, do not use in your first person sample for the application.

Original Character Application

Fandom Character Application

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