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Sheol Moderators


You're dead. Plain and simple. It's the end of your story, or so one would think.

Welcome to the Village of Sheol. It's a newly established piece of Hell, made to look peaceful, quiet, and serene. Do remember this is Hell after all. Some of you don't belong here. Some of you most definitely do. But the fact remains -- all of you are dead and none of you remember how that happened. Why, that would spoil the Reaper's fun if you knew!

So here you are, in this quaint little log cabin village that looks as if it were pulled out of the 1700s and seems to be forever trapped in Springtime. What do you do now? Well, that one-eyed crow you have with you isn't going to help much. It's only there for communication purposes, you know. Try to find a way out? Good luck with that endeavor; the entire forest surrounding the village is covered in a dense fog. Walk through the fog on the east end and end up re-appearing through the fog on the west end. Seems that may be impossible.

What else can you do? Well, for starters, try to get used to the fact that you don't seem to be hungry, thirsty, or able to feel any sort of pain or get sick for that matter. You still have your emotions, don't worry about that. Things still feel hot, cold, wet, dry, weird, and pleasurable. Injuries do bleed out and can cause you to faint from blood loss, but they heal within several minutes, as if nothing ever happened. There seem to be unmanned shops around for clothing, food, and drink, so things are free in this place, as long as your conscious doesn't tell you that it's practically stealing, since no one is telling you those things are free.

Life is starting to look pretty good here, isn't it? Ah-ah-ah, don't get too comfortable ♥

Every full moon, the Reaper makes his rounds, causing the beautiful Spring weather to drop to an arctic chill. A full four days before his arrival, those little pleasures you've become accustomed to have started to fade. You're starving, you need water right now, and DAMN did it hurt when you hit your hand on the corner of that table. You better stop standing out in the rain, too; don't want to catch a horrible cold now, do you?

Make certain you aren't outside when the sky has completely blackened on any of those four days ... unless you'd like for the Reaper to sweep you away and remind you, along with whoever else he managed to capture, that this place is no paradise -- this is Hell. He may be done with you the next day, he may take his sweet time! What is he doing? Why, he's showing you how you died, all the horrible things you've ever done in your life, and just for kicks, he'll show you how your loved ones will die too. Does that bother you? Let him put it on instant replay so you can see it again and again ♥ Don't worry, you won't remember anything you saw when he drops you off at the village again ... but you'll be ice cold to the touch and scared out of your wits for seemingly no reason. The Reaper does hope you made some friends to calm you down, or else it may take a while for you to get over your fears.

Mind you, the Reaper doesn't just remind you where you are. Occasionally, he'll play a few games with you weeks before a full moon even starts to appear! Maybe he'll flood the entire village. Perhaps he'll make you see things that aren't there. Maybe he'll cause you to swap appearances with someone. Oh, he could think of a thousand things he'd love to do to you.

Enjoy your stay~
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